We support senior management articulate a well-defined and evidence-backed strategy. We provide management with the required insight across various areas such as market opportunity, market/product entry attractiveness, customer feedback, competitive positioning, brand positioning, marketing strategy and changing business model dynamics that enable management to make impactful strategic decisions.


We assist our clients to make sound strategic decisions for their business by developing strategies that enable them to create a competitive advantage. This can range from assessing customer satisfaction, to testing the business case for new market entry, or portfolio diversification to meet customer demand and achieve top-line and bottom-line growth.


We run surveys and conduct in-depth telephone interviews with our clients’ customers, assisting our clients to better address their customer needs and capture market share. In addition, we conduct thorough internal customer data analysis to help clients segment their customer universe. Our customer research provides our clients with valuable insight about their customer base and recommends action plans to both grow their revenue and retain their customers going forward.


We assist our clients understand the trends in the markets in which they operate as well as size the opportunity in new markets they wish to enter, supporting them to build solid business plans, by identifying their competition’s strategy, how they need to articulate their USP and what they need to do to capture market share.


Our CDD is centred around assessing a target’s commercial performance and future potential. We test the sustainability of the business model, competitive positioning, strength of customer relationships, market opportunity and growth alongside the top-line growth assumptions and achievability of management forecast. Our CDDs also provide actionable strategic recommendations to accelerate growth post-deal.


We work with senior management to develop a sound business plan in order to raise investment. We also provide actionable business model re-engineering recommendations, using our knowledge of sectors and the evolving business models in rapidly changing markets.


We carry out pre-sale commercial reviews that prepare a business for sale. We revise the assumptions underpinning the financial forecasts to ensure they stand up to scrutiny in the due diligence process. Our vendor commercial due diligence articulates and tests the company growth plan, anticipating the concerns of potential investors. Our work is impartial and evidence-based, so it can be relied upon by both management and potential investors.

  • The Luminii team did an excellent job of covering the project objectives set & provided us with invaluable research & information that helped us with our business direction & decisions. They understood our business needs and were thorough, diligent, and offered sound advice. We have since progressed well with market entry & have moved forward with one of their contacts who is now running our office in the target market in Spain. We would certainly recommend them to other businesses looking for support, thank you Luminii!

    CEO, Global Freight Company

  • We engaged Luminii for Commercial Due Diligence support on one of our recent investments and we were highly impressed with their high-quality report, professionalism, and flexibility. Luminii were able to address our key questions and due diligence requirements against a tight deadline. They conducted a robust primary research programme, consisting of referencing and surveys and we appreciated their timely updates throughout our engagement. Luminii's team is highly collaborative, showcased by how they worked with us as well as the Management team, other advisors, and our lenders, which we appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend their services and look forward to working with them again in the future.

    Global Private Equity Firm with £14 Billion Fund

  • To date, Lushani and her team have supported me and Foresight on over 20 deals. They have consistently delivered high quality CDD reports, always against tight deadlines and to above expectation. They offer good value for money. Luminii are quick to understand our needs, offer sound advice and support on complex topics. Their ability to tailor the scope to our needs, focus on the core issues of each project and not being afraid to give their opinion backed by sound research and analysis is a great benefit to us. I would recommend their services without hesitation.

    Private equity investment firm with circa £4 billion of assets under management

  • We were impressed with Luminii. They delivered what they promised; the information was useful and actionable, which is what we were looking for. In addition, they were responsive and timely, and the team liked the way Luminii worked. Would we recommend them if someone called us? We definitely would, with an enthusiastic recommendation.

    Board of Directors of a global SaaS Company, UK

  • Luminii Consulting proved themselves to be a highly flexible and dedicated team who delivered a high quality CDD report in a complex tech sector. They were able to cover a wide scope across multiple geographies to a strict deadline and provided us with the required insight and strategic advice to make an informed decision. We appreciated their effort and enjoyed working with the Luminii team.

    Private equity and venture capital with £9.1bn worth of funds under management

  • Lushani and her team at Luminii delivered a high quality CDD report that exceeded our expectations. We were particularly pleased with the post deal recommendations and informed opinions contained within the report. We wouldn't hesitate to use Luminii's services again on future projects.

    Leading mid- market private equity firm

  • We engaged Luminii Consulting for a very targeted piece of commercial diligence in a very short timeframe. Luminii produced an outstanding report exactly on scope in what is a niche market segment. Moreover they managed to produce it in a very short period of time which was essential to getting the deal done.

    Leading independent investment manager with funds of over £1 billion under management

  • We enjoyed a strong working relationship with Luminii Consulting. Their work went above and beyond the scope of the CDD and offered strategic insight and advice that has since helped us with both our post-deal strategy and business development.

    Leading SaaS provider of Identity & Access Management (IAM) software, IDaaS and Identity API

  • Luminii supported the recent MBO with Foresight Group and Signature Property Finance (SPF), providing strategic insight which has enabled the management team to transform their route to market. The CDD report gives SPF valuable intelligence into the competition; market trends; customer feedback and the opportunities that are within the marketplace. The report has been useful to segment data, share customer feedback with the wider SPF team, enabling them to attack the competition and continue to deliver a quality service to brokers/direct clients. Overall, a really insightful report that gives the Management team really useful intelligence.

    Finance lender providing short term property finance